Dazzling Holiday Lights in San Diego

Dazzling Holiday Lights in San Diego

The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to celebrate than by immersing yourself in the magical glow of twinkling lights? San Diego transforms into a winter wonderland with a myriad of enchanting light displays and festive events throughout the city. Whether you're seeking a neighborhood stroll or a spectacular show, San Diego has something for everyone. Here's a guide to the must-visit holiday lights events, complete with dates, locations, and times.



Kick off your holiday lights tour in Allied Gardens, where 5439 Brunswick Avenue comes alive with a brilliant display that will be enchanting visitors from November 24 to January 6.

*5439 Brunswick Avenue on Nov 24 - Jan 6*  



Carlsbad is a hub of festive cheer with LEGOLAND California leading the way. Don't miss the vibrant displays at Vermarine Ct, Elegant Tern Place, and Corte Ramon. For a dose of Christmas spirit, head to the Carlsbad Christmas House on Romeria Street.

*Holidays at LEGOLAND California on Nov 18 - Jan 7*  

*6774 Vermarine Ct on Dec 1 - 31*  

*6646 Elegant Tern Place on Dec 1 - Jan 1*  

*Carlsbad Christmas House on Dec 3 - 26 at 7607 Romeria Street*

*3920 Rockfield Court on Nov 25 - Jan 1*

*2695 Medford Court on Nov 27 - Dec 31*



Carmel Mountain Ranch invites you to experience the magic of Fairway Village, illuminating both the east and west sides of Stoney Gate Place from December 16 to January 1.

*Fairway Village on Dec 16 - Jan 1 at E & W sides of Stoney Gate Place*  



Chula Vista offers a variety of enchanting experiences, from Sesame Place's A Very Furry Christmas to the captivating lights at Christmas Circle and the Disney-themed wonderland at 751 Nolan Ave.

*A Very Furry Christmas | Select dates thru Jan 7 at Sesame Place: 2052 Entertainment Circle

*Christmas Circle Dec 9 - 26 at Whitney/Mankato*  

*A Night at Disney on Dec 1 - Jan 1 at 751 Nolan Ave.*



Clairemont is a haven for festive lights, with Lana Drive & Jamar hosting the charming Clairemont Christmas Park and Mt Herbert Avenue adding to the neighborhood's magical ambiance.

*Clairemont Christmas Park on Dec 2 - 25 at Lana Drive & Jamar*

*4234 Mt Herbert Avenue on Dec 1 - 25*  



Coronado dazzles with the "All That Jazz" Light Show Spectacular at Hotel del Coronado, running from November 17 to January 7. The festivities continue at the iconic Hotel del Coronado throughout the holiday season.

*“All That Jazz” Light Show Spectacular*  on Nov 17 - Jan 7 at Hotel del Coronado | 5-9pm*

*Holidays at the Del Through Jan 1 at Hotel del Coronado*



Del Mar lights up the night sky with the Coastal Christmas Holiday Light Spectacular, taking place on select dates at the Fairgrounds from December 14 to 30.

*Coastal Christmas Holiday Light Spectacular on Dec 14 - 30 | 4-9pm at Fairgrounds*



El Cajon invites you to Sharon Way's radiant display from December 1 to January 7, along with the whimsical Jingle Bell Hill, Nightmare Before Christmas, and other delightful locations.

*741 Sharon Way on Dec 1 - Jan 7*

*Jingle Bell Hill on Dec 2 - 25 at Solomon/Pegeen*

*Nightmare Before Christmas on Nov 25 - Jan 3 at 11456 Pegeen Place*

*1552 Cajon Greens Place on Nov 24 - Jan 2*

*1838 El Pico Drive on Dec 6 - 31*



Encinitas offers a unique Lightscape experience on select dates at the SD Botanic Garden, creating a magical atmosphere from 5 to 10 pm.

*Lightscape |Select dates through Jan 1 at SD Botanic Garden | 5-10pm*



Escondido beckons with Wild Holidays at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park on select nights and the mesmerizing Eureka Lights on Crane Ave.

*Wild Holidays | Select nights Dec 2 - 31 at San Diego Zoo Safari Park*

*Eureka Lights on Nov 25 - Dec 25 at 3160 Crane Ave*



Lakeside transforms into Tinsel Town, offering a dazzling display at 10248 Paseo Palmas Dr from December 7 to 25.

*Tinsel Town on Dec 7 - 25 at 10248 Paseo Palmas Dr*



La Mesa glows with festive spirit at 6266 De Camp Drive from December 1 to 25.

*6266 De Camp Drive on Dec 1 - 25*



Lemon Grove invites you to Santa's Toy Shop at 2034 Ensenada, spreading joy from November 26 to January 1.

*Santa’s Toy Shop on Nov 26 - Jan 1 at 2034 Ensenada*



Mission Bay hosts the dazzling Boat Parade of Lights on December 9 at 5:30 pm. Experience the magic of SeaWorld's Christmas Celebration and Winter Wonder at Belmont Park throughout the season.

*Boat Parade of Lights on Dec 9 | 5:30pm*

*SeaWorld Christmas Celebration on Nov 17 - Jan 7*

*Winter Wonder through Dec 31  at Belmont Park*



Oceanside invites you to explore the radiant displays at Willow Walk Road, Snead Drive, Thoroughbread Street, and Quarter Horse Circle throughout December.

*5279 Willow Walk Road on Dec 1 - 31*

*2329 Snead Drive on Dec 5 - 31*

*5592 Thoroughbread Street on Dec 1 - 27*

*5596 Quarter Horse Circle on Dec 1 - 31*



Old Town offers a festive journey with the Holiday Sights & Festive Nights Trolley Tour and the enchanting Sights and Sounds of Christmas at Mormon Battalion.

*Holiday Sights & Festive Nights Trolley Tour on Dec 1 - 23, 26 - 30 | 4010 Twiggs Street*

*Sights and Sounds of Christmas on Nov 24 - Jan 1 | Mormon Battalion: 2510 Juan St.*



Paradise Hills dazzles with holiday lights at Reo Drive and Chadwick Ave, captivating visitors from November 23 to December 31.

*2160 Reo Drive on Nov 23 - Dec 31*

*6134 Chadwick Ave on Nov 26 - Jan 1*



Point Loma welcomes you to experience the Garrison Street Lights at Garrison & Chatsworth from December 1 to 31.

*Garrison Street Lights on Dec 1 - 31 at Garrison & Chatsworth*



Poway transforms into Candy Cane Lane, with Hickory St, Hickory Ct, Butterwood & Rockrose adorned with festive lights from December 1 to 25.

*Candy Cane Lane on Dec 1 - 25 | Hickory St, Hickory Ct, Butterwood & Rockrose*



Rancho Peñasquitos invites you to stroll down Christmas Card Lane on Oviedo Street from December 1 to 31.

*Christmas Card Lane on Dec 1 - 31 | Oviedo Street*



San Carlos illuminates the night at Tuxedo Road and Lake Arrowhead Drive from November 26 to December 25.

*6715 Tuxedo Road on Nov 26 - Dec 25*

*6296 Lake Arrowhead Drive on Dec 1 - Jan 5*



San Marcos invites you to experience the festive lights at Glendale Avenue and join the Griswold’s on Rockdale Pl from November 27 to January 1.

*251 Glendale Avenue on Dec 1 - 25*

*The Griswold’s on Nov 27 - Jan 1 | 2516 Rockdale Pl*



Downtown San Diego becomes a holiday spectacle with the dazzling lights at the Forward House in Bankers Hill and the festive ambiance of Bankers Hill at Albatross Street. The USS Midway adds a nautical touch to the season, while Jungle Bells at the San Diego Zoo and the San Diego Bay Parade of Lights ensure there's no shortage of holiday cheer. Don't miss the December Nights extravaganza at Balboa Park!

*The Forward House in Bankers Hill on Nov 24 - Dec 31 | 108 Ivy Street*

*Bankers Hill on Dec 1 - 31 | 2141 Albatross Street*

*USS Midway on Nov 24 - Dec 31 | 910 N Harbor Dr.*

*Jungle Bells at the San Diego Zoo on Dec 8 - 23 & Dec 25 - Jan 2*

*San Diego Bay Parade of Lights on Dec 10 & 17 | Shelter Island to Ferry Landing | 5:30pm*

*December Nights on Dec 1 - 2 | Fri 3 - 11pm, Sat 11am - 11pm | Balboa Park*



Santee invites you to revel in the festive ambiance of Starlight Circle/Sunburst Santee, Pebble Beach Drive, Shanes Way, and Lights at the Lakes at Santee Lakes. Saint Andrews Drive adds to the holiday magic from November 27 to January 1.

*Starlight Circle/Sunburst Santee on Dec 15 - 25 | Tomel Court*

*9325 Pebble Beach Drive on Dec 1 - 31*

*8575 Shanes Way on Dec 1 - 31*

*Lights at the Lakes |Fri - Sun, Dec 1 - 23 | Santee Lakes: 9120 Carlton Oaks Dr.*

*9435 Saint Andrews Drive on Nov 27 - Jan 1*



Scripps Ranch beckons you to explore the festive Merry-tage Court at Stonebridge & Merritage and the radiant displays at Sunset Ridge Dr from November 25 to December 31.

*Merry-tage Court on Dec 1 - 31 | Stonebridge & Merritage*

*10883 Sunset Ridge Dr on Nov 25 - Dec 31*



Spring Valley offers a delightful journey through the lights at Bonita Street, the Enchanted Village at Noah Homes, and the charming Gingerbread Lane at Darby St.

*4037 N Bonita Street on Dec 10 - Jan 3*

*Noah Homes Enchanted Village on Dec 15 - 22 | 12526 Campo Road | 5-8pm*

*Gingerbread Lane on Dec 1 - Jan 1 | 1333 Darby St.*



Tierrasanta invites you to experience the radiant display at Belardo Dr from November 25 to December 27, lighting up the night from 5:30 to 10 pm.

*5306 Belardo Dr on Nov 25 - Dec 27 | 5:30-10pm*



Vista offers a unique Jingle Terrace Live Experience on select dates at the Moonlight Amphitheatre from December 8 to 23, creating a magical atmosphere from 5 to 9 pm.

*Jingle Terrace Live Experience on Select dates Dec 8 - 23 | Moonlight Amphitheatre | 5-9pm*


As you embark on your holiday lights adventure in San Diego, be sure to bundle up, bring some hot cocoa, and enjoy the festive spirit that lights up the city. Happy holidays!

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